The Growth Weekly - 2017 world's most innovative companies, experiential marketing and air-powered batteries

Hello growth enthusiasts! Welcome to a new Growth Weekly. And a special welcome to those of you who s
The Growth Weekly - 2017 world's most innovative companies, experiential marketing and air-powered batteries
By The Growth Weekly • Issue #20
Hello growth enthusiasts! 

Welcome to a new Growth Weekly. And a special welcome to those of you who signed up for our newsletter after the post on As always, the best growth reads we found on the web. Your weekly shot of growth caffeine. Enjoy your read!

Reframing Growth Strategy in a Digital Economy
Big corporations need new strategies in a world of digital disruptors, where three new truths rule. The new C-suite mantra: “What’s your play?”
How Experiential Marketing Works: 7 Enlightening Tips
Hubspot looked at best practices in experiential marketing, an upcoming marketing stream focused on the story and experience. Here’s what they found, and the tips that you can take into account as you plan your own experiential marketing initiatives.
6 reasons why your company needs a growth manager
In a world where the competition for growth is aggressive, you need a dedicated growth manager. Not convinced? Here are 6 compelling reasons.
The 2017 World's Most Innovative Companies
The 10th edition of the Fast Company World’s Most Innovative Companies ranking. Those enterprises that tap both heartstrings and purse strings and use the engine of commerce to make a difference in the world. Impact is among the key criteria.
How to create and maintain a strategic approach to design thinking
Design has evolved beyond making objects – to designing everything around us. One company at the forefront is Philips. TNW spoke with Philips Chief Design Officer about how Philips approaches design thinking, and how to implement the same strategy into your business.
These 6 Chinese Tech Giants Are Ramping Up The Pace Of Innovation For The World
Alibaba, Tencent, Xiaomi, BBK Electronics, Huawei, and Dalian Wanda are changing the products and services you use, whether you know it or not. These cannot be ignored.
Cool stuff
Dubai plans to introduce flying drone taxis as early as this summer
A growing number of companies are looking at the viability of airborne, autonomous taxis as a way to ease urban congestion and transportation woes, but the city of Dubai could leapfrog those with a plan to deploy a passenger-carrying drone as early as this summer.
No, seriously. The Nokia 3310 is coming back
The Nokia 3310 had a reputation for hardiness. You could throw it down a flight of stairs, spill a pint over it, or drop it into a pool of mud, and it would emerge unscathed. And now it’s coming back, almost 17 years after it first launched in 2000.
China's New "Weather-Controlling Tech" Could Make it Rain on Demand
China has spent $168 million on cloud seeding technology to hopefully manipulate the weather and combat drought and extreme weather due to climate change. 
Scientists make battery that runs on air and carbon dioxide
Researchers at Penn State University have potentially come up with yet another way we could create energy from all that nasty carbon dioxide we pump into the atmosphere. They’ve developed an inexpensive flow cell battery that uses mostly water solutions containing either dissolved CO2 or dissolved normal air.
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