The Growth Weekly - Data = the new oil, growth through scarcity, hacking client loyalty, design thinking 2.0 and autonomous container ships

Hello growth enthusiasts. Happy Friday! Here's a new edition of The Growth Weekly, the best reads we
The Growth Weekly - Data = the new oil, growth through scarcity, hacking client loyalty, design thinking 2.0 and autonomous container ships
By The Growth Weekly • Issue #32
Hello growth enthusiasts. 
Happy Friday! Here’s a new edition of The Growth Weekly, the best reads we found on the web this week. In this edition: Data = the new oil, growth through scarcity, hacks to boost client loyalty, design thinking 2.0, autonomous container ships, competitor spying tools and more.
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Regulating the internet giants: The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data
A NEW commodity spawns a lucrative, fast-growing industry, prompting antitrust regulators to step in to restrain those who control its flow. A century ago, it was oil. Now we are talking about data, the oil of the digital era.
The Scarcity Principle: How 8 Brands Created High Demand
The scarcity complex makes consumers more interested in purchasing products in low supply and high demand. Learn how today’s brands are doing it.
3 Hacks to Boost Client Loyalty
In these highly competitive times, it’s become increasingly difficult to hold onto customers. Retention is tough, and client growth is even harder with fickle clients and fleeting loyalty.
Automatic for the people: How Germany’s Otto uses artificial intelligence
A GLIMPSE into the future of retailing is available in a smallish office in Hamburg. From there, Otto, a German e-commerce merchant, is using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve its activities.
Design Thinking Needs To Think Bigger
Design thinking, as it was conceived 15 years ago, has outlived its usefulness. Enter systems thinking.
America has become so anti-innovation – it's economic suicide
The fall of Juicero, yes everyone had a good laugh, isn’t just entertaining tech industry stupidity – it’s the sign of a country refusing to break new ground.
Embracing the Disruptive Power of Chatbots
Chatbots impact how companies run, compete and thrive, while elevating the customer experience to new highs. Find out how.
Cool stuff
First Zero-Emission, Fully-Autonomous Container Ship Planned for 2020
Norwegian fertilizer producer Yara and maritime technology firm Kongsberg Gruppe are teaming up to build what they say will be the world’s first fully-electric and autonomous container feeder ship, to be fully autonomous in 2020. Check out the video.
Amazon to control 70 percent of the voice-controlled speaker market this year
Amazon is dominating the voice-controlled speaker market, according to a new forecast. The maker of the Echo-branded speakers will have 70.6 % of all voice-enabled speakers this year, well ahead of Google and other players.
Germany Just Smashed an Energy Record, Generating 85% Electricity From Renewables
Germany breaks a daily record for renewable energy, generating 85% of its power from renewable sources on April 30.
Top 17 Online Tools For Spying On Your Competitors Marketing Strategies
A great list of 17 online tools that enable you to ‘spy’ on your competitors marketing strategies, traffic, social activity, online brand positioning and many other things.
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