The Growth Weekly - First-mover disadvantage, applied neuromarketing, Apple losing its innovation mojo, the 4th industrial revolution and Tesla's e-Truck

Growth enthusiasts! Here's your weekly dose of growth inspiration. In this week's edition of The Grow
The Growth Weekly - First-mover disadvantage, applied neuromarketing, Apple losing its innovation mojo, the 4th industrial revolution and Tesla's e-Truck
By The Growth Weekly • Issue #28
Growth enthusiasts! 

Here’s your weekly dose of growth inspiration. In this week’s edition of The Growth Weekly: First-mover disadvantage, applied neuromarketing, Apple losing its innovation mojo, the 4th industrial revolution, California ran completely on solar, the edible water bubble and Tesla’s e-Truck. 

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Growth Is Optional: 10 Reasons Why Companies Fail At Growth
The concepts behind growth are much simpler than most people think.  As with most things, it is executing that is the tough part.  Here are 10 things companies fail at executing that prevent them from growing.
First-Mover Disadvantage: 9 Reasons Why Being First to Market Doesn't Pay Off - RevelX
Strongly popularized during the last 25 years, the first-mover advantage is more of a myth today. We list 9 reasons for this - read them and you might agree.
How to Use Neuromarketing to Boost Your Marketing Campaigns
Neuroscience gives marketers insight into how to persuade customers. These five neuromarketing principles will boost your marketing campaigns and other efforts to convince customer to buy from you.
4 Brain Hacks Driving Uber's Growth |
Here are four four ways Uber uses behavioral economics to keep growing. Do you dare to follow in its footsteps?
Has Apple Lost Its Innovation Mojo?
Apple was once considered the most innovative company in the tech sector. But by some accounts, it’s being shown up by products from Amazon, Microsoft and now Samsung. What happened?
The Stage Where Most Innovation Projects Fail
In a recent survey of 164 executives at companies with more than $1 billion in revenue, 26% of respondents told us the transition from innovation or R&D group to the business unit “needs serious work” at their company.
The fourth industrial revolution will be lead by human creativity, not machines
Growth in the first industrial revolution was driven by engineering, the second through electricity and production lines, and the third by technology and information. Economies undergoing a fourth industrial revolution will not be those that worship machines, but those that support human creativity.
High-speed Hyperloop track ready for first trial run
The first tests of Elon Musk’s revolutionary high-speed transport system could begin soon after Hyperloop One, one of 12 companies competing to make the idea a reality, completed its test track.
Cool stuff
California produced so much power from solar energy this spring that wholesale electricity prices turned negative
On March 11, California passed a milestone on the route to powering the whole state sustainably. For the first time, more than half the power needs of the entire state came from solar power for a few hours that day, with energy prices dipping to zero or even to negative territory.
How the edible water bubble gets set to replace plastic bottles
Ooho! is a bubble that encircles drinking water in an edible membrane. The London-based sustainable packaging start-up want to transfer from simply selling their water bubbles from pop-ups to challenging plastic waste on a global scale, piloting their water bubbles at major sporting events in 2018.
Skype Can Now Translate Your Voice Calls Into 10 Different Languages in Real-Time
Microsoft, through Skype and its other translation services, is making it even easier for people to share information across the globe. They recently added Japanese to the list of ten languages its software can translate in real-time.
Tesla all-electric truck to be unveiled in September and be ‘next level’, says Elon Musk
Tesla CEO Elon Musk says his company will unveil its electric tractor-trailer truck this September, calling the vehicle “seriously next level” and praising the Tesla team for doing “an amazing job.”
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