The Growth Weekly - Immigrants are more entrepreneurial, Microsoft > Apple and Neuromarketing basics explained

Hello growth enthusiasts.Welcome to issue #5 of The Growth Weekly. We’re excited to bring you our bes
The Growth Weekly - Immigrants are more entrepreneurial, Microsoft > Apple and Neuromarketing basics explained
By The Growth Weekly • Issue #5
Hello growth enthusiasts.
Welcome to issue #5 of The Growth Weekly. We’re excited to bring you our best growth reads of this week. As always, your feedback is welcome. Enjoy reading!

Kickoff Your Growth Hacking in 12 Steps
Unsure how to crack the code of growth hacking? Trigger (a growth hacking agency from Belgium) broke down the process in 12 simple steps that will help you kick off your growth (hacking) efforts.
Why Are Immigrants More Entrepreneurial?
What do Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post), Dietrich Mateschitz (Red Bull), Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX), and Sergey Brin (Google) have in common? Apart from their success as entrepreneurs, they are all immigrants.
5 VR and AR Startups Ready for Explosive Growth
The VR and AR market is booming .Take a look at these five companies that are combining old-school smarts with new-school technology.
Can Snapchat Avoid Twitter’s Slowing Growth Trap?
Snapchat reportedly is eyeing a $25 billion IPO early next year. But can it avoid the slowing growth trap that has engulfed Twitter?
10 Perspectives on Building a Culture of Innovation
The business case for stimulating employee-driven innovation is overwhelming. How does one build a culture of innovation? Adopt these key perspectives.
Admit it: Microsoft is now a braver, more innovative company than Apple
Sorry, fellow Mac fans, but the cool stuff is being invented in Seattle now.
These are Tesla’s stunning new solar roof tiles for homes
Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk wasn’t kidding when he said that the new Tesla solar roof product was better looking than an ordinary roof.
Uber’s Otto self-driving truck delivers its first payload: 50K beers
For those doubting that autonomous vehicles are going to be driving alongside humans very soon, consider the first delivery made by Otto, the Uber-owned self-driving transport truck company.
Cool stuff
7 Neuromarketing Basics to 'Hook' New Customers
Any business - large or small - can leverage the way the human brain works. We’ll show you 7 ways to hook customers by using neuromarketing.
22 Ways Algorithms Know How You'll Behave Before You Do | Big Think
Prediction is reinventing industries and running the world. More and more, predictive analytics drives commerce, manufacturing, healthcare, government, and law enforcement.
3 Unique Marketing Strategies Inspired by Pokemon Go
3 actionable steps and marketing strategies inspired by Pokemon Go, the hugely successful artificial realty game.
Next Billion-Dollar Startups of 2016
Forbes’ second annual list of next billion-dollar startups, highlights 25 companies that are transforming their industries and showing tangible results. They’ve already attracted millions in investment capital while in the midst of explosive growth.
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